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Welcome to Au!

Au (pronounced "A" "U") is a bright metal element which belongs to group 11 in the periodic table and is a symbol for the chemical element, Gold; which is also known as Au Lounge, the Original Gold, African Gold. 


Au Lounge offers great ambiance and atmosphere with the best cocktails in town and a variety of interesting art work on our 15ft high walls.   The art pieces feature new artists every months.  We offer various music from  Wednesday  to Sunday ranging from Reggae, Soul, Afrobeats, Afrohouse, Latin, Rock, Caribbean, Tribal, Hiphop, Cumbia, Habesha, R&B and more.  On Mondays, we open our doors for Corporate Reservations only.   


Located on a unique corner on Broadway and 25th, Au Lounge feels like its own little island with panoramic glass windows that slide wide open and provide an outdoor natural feeling. 

Tue - Sun: 5pm - 2am

Closed Mon & Tues

Email us for  Corporate Reservations

2430 Broadway | Oakland | CA 94612 | 510.893.1411

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